01 December 2019

Another month, ANOTHER RECORD!

November 2019 was another record-setting month for the Writers of Wrongs blog. A total of 45,212 pageviews were generated in the month - an average of more than 1,500 views per day.

It was the second consecutive surprising month for the blog. In October, Writers of Wrongs exceeded a 1000 views per day average for the first time, finishing with a total of 37,334.

Through the blog's three years of existence (since October 2016), no monthly total had been better than 26,729. In recent months, pageviews settled in the 22,000 to 25,000 range, and the 30,000 barrier was looking like the crime-history blog version of the four-minute mile.

We send our thanks to the crime-history writers, who provide valuable content to the Writers of Wrongs blog, and to our readers, whose interest and support is expressed in these pageview numbers.

(All figures were acquired through site host Blogger - based on Google algorithms - with the site manager's visits not counted in the totals.)

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